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About Us

Bridgetown International offers great benefits through affordable business networking support,
training workshops and consultancy services for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Our focus is about helping
you achieve your potential. Our experienced, professional and trustworthy team offer connections,
support and tools to build a bridge for success.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, freelancer or a chamber of Commerce
there will be times when you need help you stay on top of your business, you need to build a
bridge for success. Bridgetown International delivers a range of highly successful and innovation
programmes, events and creative management services designed to put your business on a firm
bridge to success.

Our Build a Bridge Business club is ideal if you are looking for key networking opportunities where
you can connect, collaborate and meet other success driven businesses.

We are continuously working to improve our service to you. Please tell us about any additional tools
and features you would like to see on this site. Contact Us

Some notable countries we have worked in include:

United Kingdom, Barbados, USA, Nigeria Romania

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